Gamers Do Child's Play. 

Child's Play is a phenomenal charity organization that buys consoles and games for kids in hospitals who otherwise can't go outside to play with other kids.  Even if a child can, video games are just plain fun.

Gamers Do Events

Gamers Doing Good got its start with a 48-Hour Gaming marathon on January 10th to 12th and we raised $410!  This was a clear sign that we have to make this an official group, as we can do even more good.

Gamers Do Let's Plays

What's a Let's Play?  A Let's Play is when a gamer plays a game and others watch them play.  This can be streamed live where viewers can chat with the streamer, or the gameplay can be recorded and edited to be published later. 

This is nice when you're unsure of whether or not you'd like the game you're looking at and just may want to see a little bit of it! 

Gamers Do Reviews

While not the focus of this group, we find that helping other gamers decide whether or not they should pick up that AAA game that just came out or wait a little while for a price drop.  We also review different peices of hardware, from gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, and other gaming-related peices of equipment.

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